Hex Quoridor

Hex Quoridor is a variant of Quoridor that uses a hexagonal board and zig-zag shaped fences. Quoridor's simple rules and complex strategy are also true of Hex Quoridor. Read the full rules below:

Purpose of the Game

Be the first to move your pawn to any cell on the opposite side of the board from your starting position, your goal row.

Setup for Two Player Game

Each player has one pawn that starts in the middle of a side. The pawns start on opposite sides of the board. The players split the 18 fences evenly -- 9 each. Randomly choose a player to make the first move.

Game Basics

Each turn, you must do one of two things:

  • Move your pawn to a neighboring cell in any direction, unless there is a fence between your pawn and that cell.
  • Place a fence anywhere on the board, unless you are out of fences.

In a two player game, you may not place a fence that completely blocks either player's access to their goal row.

If two pawns are next to each other and not separated by a fence, one pawn may jump over the other pawn in as straight a line as possible. For example, if there is no fence behind the opposing player, a player must jump in a straight line over the opponent, and may not jump to either side.

Straight-line jump

If there is a fence blocking the straight-line jump, a slight-turn jump may be made, but a sharp-turn jump may not.

Slight-turn jump

Finally, if both the straight-line jump and the slight-turn jump are blocked, a sharp-turn jump may be made.

Sharp-turn jump

End of the Game

The first player to reach their goal row is the winner.

Rules for Multi-Player Games

Hex Quoridor can also be played with three, four, or six players. With three players, there is one empty side between each pawn; with four, the two empty sides are across from each other; and with six, every side has a pawn. In every case, the pawns start in the center of their side.

The number of fences each player starts with depends on the number of players:

  • Three-player game: 6 fences
  • Four-player game: 4 fences
  • Six-player game: 3 fences

Unlike in a two player game, players may be eliminated from the game by placing fences to completely cut off access to the goal row, until only two players remain. Any player who places a fence that eliminates another player receives all of the unplayed fences that the eliminated player had.

Players may only jump over one pawn at a time.

Rules for Team Play

To set up, team members should place their pawns in the middle of adjacent sides. Play proceeds as normal, but the goal of each team is to be the first to get just one team member's pawn to its goal row. Pawns may not be cut off from their goal row in team play.