Vibe.d Dynamic Webpages

In my discussion on static webpages I wrote down a bunch of reasons why static webpages are much better in some situations than dynamic webpages. I wrote a lot about how if you just have the right tools (aka jekyll and co.) you can manage many of the shortcomings of static webpages without giving up their benefits. I also wrote a lot about the shortcomings of dynamic webpages.

I guess I've found a tool that manages many of the shortcomings of dynamic webpages, called vibe.d which is written in D. Go to the website to read the full list of advantages, but here are a few:

  • Blazingly fast - The server is compiled (obviously) and is built on fibers (sometimes called co-routines).
  • Diet templates - HAML done right, plus using D code inside. One fewer language out of the unholy web development mix to worry about.
  • Database support - Of course, it wouldn't be dynamic webpages otherwise.
  • Simple API - Easy things are easy, hard things are possible.

There are more features coming that I'm excited about, but I'll leave it at this for now. Now if only I had my own dedicated server machine...