On this palindromic date (4/1/14) I'd like to tell you about a new programming language that is way cooler than the one I just designed.

April Fools!

But seriously, Nimrod is awesome. It has python-like syntax, but is by default translated into C code and compiled to a very efficient binary. It can also be translated into C++ or Objective-C, among many other options.

Some features that I think are great:

  • named parameters that are also non-mutable by default. This leads to self-documenting and more efficient code. I like it because that's normally what I need and a simple compiler error can help me choose which ones should be mutable.
  • Clear variable declaration: const, let, and var. D has const, immutable, static, and any combination thereof. I don't understand what they all mean!
  • Objects don't have methods. I think I like this, since it makes an object easier to understand.

Some features I wish were built-in:

  • List comprehensions
  • Hash tables

You should check it out. It definitely has better docs and support than my language does at the moment. And probably fewer bugs! :P

Example from the Nimrod homepage:

# compute average line length
var count = 0
var sum = 0

for line in stdin.lines:
  count += 1
  sum += line.len

echo "Average line length: ",
  if count > 0: sum / count else: 0