Arch Linux

This post is being written from my newly-installed Arch Linux operating system :)

One should probably ask why I went through all the 麻烦 (trouble) to install Arch Linux when Ubuntu or variants thereof work perfectly fine for my needs.

I would say: "Good question. It's probably not the best idea that I've ever had, and it will undoubtedly take up my time unecessarily. But I wanted to feel special and cool." And then I would smile. Because I feel special and cool.

You see, running Arch Linux is a status symbol, like a beautiful car or beautiful teeth or a beautiful wife (just kidding). I have achieved some kind of greatness. I've levelled up in geekiness. Now I'm a follower of the Arch Way where before I was just another boring Ubuntu-variant user.

As to actual benefit, I get the latest versions of pretty much everything ever at my fingertips, just one command away. That's worth a smile, if not all the work that it takes to fix the computer when it breaks.

So, you ask, what has my experience been so far?

I'll respond, "Pretty good actually. I've only had a few frustrations: not being able to boot into my Windows 8 partition and not being able to connect to the VPN that I use to feed me interwebz from the other side of the Great Firewall of China."

Okay I guess that's a lot, but I never used Windows 8 and we have two other computers in the house that can connect to the VPN.

"And I'm learning how Linux works!"

As I continue to use it, I'll post more updates about the multitude of problems I've run into. Then you can tell me how special and cool I am.