Windows 8

In general, people are not a huge fan of the Windows 8 operating system.

I am not one of those people.

You know why?

I like the philosophy of Windows 8. People are not inherently multi-taskers. What we think of as multi-tasking is actually just task-switching. And people are not as efficient at task-switching as they are at just doing one task, and doing it well.

Windows 8 to me seems more like a task-switching UI than a multi-tasking UI. Of course you can put some applications side-by-side but by default the applications take up the whole screen. Which is how it should be. No menus, no clocks, no disctracting backgrounds or other elements to get in the way. Just me and a single application.

Of course I still want to be able to look at other things, but I want to choose when I do. Windows 8 makes it easy:

A click of a button brings me a menu (which takes up the whole screen) that has access to every program. A simple gesture (on a touchpad or touchscreen device) can open up the system menu and clock. Another gesture gets me the last program I used.

This brings me to the other thing I love about Windows 8. The simplicity of the touchpad gestures. Mice were a huge advancement in user interfaces, but now they are pretty limiting interaction devices. It's slow to go from keyboard to mouse and back. Touchpads that model mice are perhaps even more limiting.

But this has started to change. Of course Apple did it first, but I like Windows gestures.

The improvement in speed helps as well, though they still have a ways to go.

If I weren't an Arch Linux user, I'd use Windows 8 :)