This page lists some of the things I've been involved in writing.

Undergraduate papers

S.L. Haan, Z.S. Smith, K.N. Shomsky, P.W. Plantinga, and T.L. Atallah, "Anticorrelated Electrons from High-Intensity Nonsequential Double Ionization of Atoms," Phys. Rev. A 81, 023409 (2010). DOI:

S.L. Haan, Z.S. Smith, K.N. Shomsky, and P.W. Plantinga, "Electron Drift Directions in Strong-Field Double Ionization of Atoms," J. Phys. B 42, 134009 (2009).

S.L. Haan, Z.S. Smith, K.N. Shomsky, and P.W. Plantinga, "Anticorrelated Electrons from Weak Recollisions in Non-Sequential Double Ionization," J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 41 (2008) 211002.*

*This Fast Track Communication was selected for inclusion in IOP Select, and was highlighted in Europhysics News 40, Number 1, page 15, (2009).

Not papers

My regenesis stories are re-tellings of the biblical account of Genesis. I got the idea for this story after reading Paradise Lost, and whipped it out in 2013. After getting feedback and thinking on it a while, I had a few ideas for a different tack I could take, which I finished in 2017. But since the story ended up completely different, I thought I'd post both versions here.